Township guide how to make your village stronger than others

Let’s find out-

Township is a mobile game developed by Playrix, building a town and produce resources are the main tasks of the game. Cropping and producing goods are resources of income. This game is based on farming and making the town full of greenery and farms. You can build your own town and modify it bigger resources. You can export the goods you produce in other countries and earn more coins, and you can also explore mines to get coins.

Gameplay features

In the game, you can build your town with every possible resource and farming and exporting goods in other countries. Coins are the main currency of this game, which helps to build houses, hospitals, zoo, and cinemas. All these will make your town an advance featured town. You can also find resources like mines and ancient artifacts.

Build a zoo and collect animals as many as possible. You can create a town from your imagination and customize it. Grow various types of crops and process them in the factories after unlocking. If you are willing to build your town, you must help the town people also in order to have a peaceful town.

You can collect lots of animals for your zoo space and expend the farm location. The bigger farm will help you to harvest many crops, and your earning will be increased too. You can also manage the animals of the zoo and do something good for them. Animals in the zoo can help you in earning too like sheep and chicken. Before using milk of cow, you must feel those animals before using them.

However, the zoo will always be a source of earning for you if you maintain it very well.