War robots tips and facts you don’t know about

War robots are not just some mission game of mobile. This is also a concept of creating and developing the mind. The Russian company Pixonic developed War robots not just for enjoying. They wanted to the player to be creative so that is the developers add the feature of players can create their robot to play. In War robot shooting is a basic thing, apart from the shoot you can add skins and weapons with game money, if you are low on cash try war robot hack and update your robots.


Game is base on future war robots that fight with high specs weapons and technology. In the world of Robots, only strong War Robot wins rules the world. But it is not for permanent because the players can customize their robots with new weapons and technology. The developers always focus on update the game and add new events every month to make the game interesting and enjoyable. Mostly the game receives an update at the time of festivals or seasons. Who doesn’t like new skins and themes? After every new update, the hype of the game reaches high again.

Shields are an important part of the game

 In the current position of the game, there are two types if the shields are available in the game – one is Ecu (physical shield), Ancile (energy) shield. These both parts shields keep the robots safe a very critical condition. These shields are obtained at high levels, and war robot hack is the easiest way to earn it early in the game.